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Commissions: OPEN

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Commission Prices

Chibi "Steve and Pals" Style -- $75
Shaded Portrait -- $85
Shaded Full Body -- $100(+90 per additional character)

Reference Sheet -- Chibi Starts at $130 | Shaded Starts at $160
+ $45 for Closeup
+ $70 Expressions
+ $90 for additional views
Emotes/Telegram Stickers -- $25 each
Sub/Bit Badges -- $25

Add a Background! Starting at $60

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Will Draw:-- OCs
-- Sonas/Anthro
-- DnD Characters
-- Game Avatars
-- Animals/Monsters
-- Humans
-- Real People/Pets
Will Not Draw:
-- Fetishes
-- Gore
-- Very complex machines or technical drawings

Terms of ServiceTerms of Service may be changed at any point with no notice. By purchasing a commission, you (the commissioner) are bound by these terms. I (the artist) reserve the right to reject any commission for any reason.---I. Deliverable
- Artwork will be delivered as a high-res JPG or PNG, or other applicable file format. Prints are for personal use only.
- Art is Digital and no physical copy of the work will be provided.
II. Timeline and Scope of Work
- I will send you at least one sketch or concept for approval. Once approved, I will proceed with the final piece.
- No major changes are allowed after the sketch has been approved
- Estimated turn around is 2-3 weeks. I will inform you of any delays and keep you updated on the progress of your piece.
III. Payment
- Payment is made through Paypal Invoice.
- Minimum 50% of the payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. The remaining amount must be paid before final files will be sent.
- Payment Plans may be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
- Refunds will not be granted for finished pieces.
IV. Revisions
- Three (3) revisions are allowed
- Additional revisions will add an extra fee
V. Copyright and Reproduction
I, the artist, reserve the right to:
- Include the commissioned work in portfolios, commission sheets, social media, etc for the purposes of self advertisement
- Claim the commissioned artwork as my own (but not the characters within)
- Modify, edit, and repurpose the commissioned work
You MAY:
- Use the commissioned artwork to create non-commercial digital assets such as profile pictures, website banners, icons, wallpapers, etc
- Get a tattoo of the artwork
- Social media posts of the completed tattoo must be credited appropriately
- the tattoo artist may alter the artwork to suit a tattoo better, but may not use the tattoo in their personal portfolio
- Make prints for non-profit use
You may NOT:
- Claim the commissioned artwork as your own
- Redistribute, modify, resell, or upload the artwork to any distribution site
- Use the artwork for any kind of for-profit merchandise
- Repost online without proper credit
- Sell or pint the artwork for NFTs (non-fungible tokens)
---This commissioned artwork is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you wish to use the artwork for a specific purpose and are unsure if said purpose falls under personal or commercial use, please ask the artist for clarification. If you wish to start using the artwork for commercial purposes, please contact the artist about a licensing fee.Please credit me as @artsyaxolotl on Twitter or

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Meet the Pals

Pronouns: He/Him
Birthday: January 13th
Likes: Dancing, Arts and Crafts, Games, You!
Bio: Steve is everybody's best friend! His positivity and exuberance rub off on everyone, so it's impossible to stay grumpy or sad when he's around! He loves to share his snacks with friends! He can be a bit naive, but he always tries his best!

Pronouns: She/Her
Birthday: May 25th
Likes: Puzzles, Gardening, Walnuts
Bio: Blue is a curious little crab from a large family who can be quite shy. After meeting Steve, she really came out of her shell (pun intended!). She loves to explore the world around her and is a skilled climber! Blue enjoys quiet conversations with her pal Crouton.

Pronouns: They/Them
Birthday: February 10th
Likes: Sweets and desserts, swimming, reading
Bio: Crouton is a lettuce slug who loves sweets! They always appreciate treats made by their friends! They love to help with cleaning up! Crouton is a sixth generation Crouton, heir to the Sea Salad Kingdom. They hope they will be a kind and softspoken monarch.

Pronouns: She/Her
Birthday: November 12th
Likes: Playing outside, chatting, Movies
Bio: Shay is an energetic kitty and a big ball of fun! Whether she's exploring the outdoors or curled up on the couch, she's always down to hang out with friends! She hasn't met a single person she doesn't end up liking! You'll never forget to get a drink or snack with Shay!